Welcome from the Whisperers

Welcome from the whisperers... The artists of the Whisper Collaboration invite you to share our journey. Twelve artists, each begining with a theme, will carry out a visual game of "Chinese Whispers". Our book pages will travel between us, each collaborator adding their own interpretation of the theme. The trick will be that only the originating artist will know what the theme is! It's up to the rest of us to decipher that theme only from the work of the previous artist and the set of 'page clues' that will grow as the collaboration progresses! Here on our blog, we will share images of the clues, and perhaps some other tantalising snippets of information...all adding to the intrigue. Join us, and see if you can guess each artists theme as the books progress!

Monday, May 21, 2012


I've finished!!!
Let my freak flag fly.

Thank you everyone, that was fun... and now to put it all together in a book...

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Peta said...

this looks very interesting Jen! I think I may have started something with the 'freaky' bit in Kim's book:)
Not long now till we see the books in all their glory!